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The Mountain Village
with the steep relief slopes

During the Arabic incursions, the settlement of Vavatsinia was established.

Shepherds from the surrounding villages of Panayia, Ayios Nicolaos, and Ayia Marina were the original occupants.

The inhabitants of these communities were forced to abandon the coast in order to escape the Arabs and seek refuge in the mountains with their animals.

The hamlet was named after a single black currant tree that still stands along the river and produces large black currants.

The particular tree’s root was a natural water supply and served as a gathering place for travellers travelling from the adjacent villages of Ayioi Vavatsinias, Odou, and Ora to the hamlet of Lefkara.

Villagers who engaged in the struggles of the Greek country over the past two centuries.

– Kyriakos Christou. According to the book ‘Cypriot Fighters’ by Loizos Philippou, published by the Archdiocese of Cyprus, Kyriakos Christou of Vavatsinia participated in the 1821 Greek struggle for independence.

– Nicos Patsalos. Nicos participated in the independence movement between 1955 and 1959. He was a popular member of the community.

– Alex Papachristoforou. Alexandros fought at Mia Milia during the Turkish invasion and is one of the numerous lost persons. His parents were natives of Vavatsinia.